Want something a little more stylish for your content headings (h1,h2,...) than a different font or color? Try one of the heading styles on this site to spruce up your content. These styles have been submitted for sharing, just click on the entry title underneath the sample styling to view the associated CSS and background images.

Heading Gallery Style #117

nn by test

Heading Gallery Style #105

Year of the Rat by Danny from UK

Heading Gallery Style #102

Bold Times by will speak from England

The same as clean times but with a different colour combination...

Heading Gallery Style #101

Clean Times by will speak from England

This shows that even the web's default fonts can look good if you present them right....

Heading Gallery Style #98

Simple by Thomas from USA

Heading Gallery Style #61

Heading Gallery Style #15

Softheads by Robert Hartl from Germany

Heading Gallery Style #14

Heading Gallery Style #12

BlueandBlue by Hernán from Argentina

Great Idea !!!

Heading Gallery Style #11

Simple Serif by jinesh mehta from India

serif fonts can be made to really stand out by reducing the letter spacing. add an animated .gif and you've got a *kickass* header style. elegant, yet understated :)

Heading Gallery Style #9

Soft Blue by Kenny Graham

Based on "Blue Blog Template" by LanVacation

Heading Gallery Style #7

Boxed with Left Color by Steve Moore from USA

Content boxed with section of color left and underline extending from midpoint. Variations: different colors for all elements.

Heading Gallery Style #6

Rounded Corner Background by Steve Moore from USA

Transparent rounded corner gif allows background to be any color.

Heading Gallery Style #3

Faded Green Background by Steve Moore from USA

Fading colored background image.

Heading Gallery Style #2

Two Underlines by Steve Moore from USA

Gray underline the width of content with text underlined a highlight color. Variations: different colors and pixel heights for each.

Heading Gallery Style #1

Simple Underline by Steve Moore from USA

Simple gray underline. Variations: different color, different pixel height, shorter underline length via width or margin-right values.